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January 10, 2012 / Jackie H. Burns

New Year, New Stuff!

Santa found out we were very, very good last year, so he brought Holmes Veterinary Hospital a couple of nice pieces of new equipment that had been on our wish list for some time now.

VSSL Lift exam table

Jack takes a ride on the lift table!

The first thing he brought is a new hydraulic lift exam table.  The patient is able to walk onto the table at floor level and take a quiet  ride up to the veterinarian’s desired working height.  This makes it possible for the veterinarian and staff to do excellent examinations and minor procedures without back injury or the stress of chasing exuberant pups around the floor.

When we are done, we simply lower the patient to the floor and he hops off.   While this doesn’t actually count as a new service, we think we will be able to do more thorough exams and treatments because of this table without the wear and tear on our bodies and frustration to go with it.

Our next new acquisition will allow for us to provide much improved dental services.   Our Midmark VetPro 1000 Dental Cart will allow the veterinarians and staff to expand our dentistry services.  It features an air/water jet, ultrasonic scaler, low speed (polishing) handpiece and a high speed drill.

Veterinary Dental Cart

Our new Midmark 1000 VetPro Dental Cart

So in addition to our old repertoire of non-surgical extractions, scaling, polishing and fluoride treatment, we will now be able to do surgical extractions of large multi-rooted teeth that have previously been impossible to budge.

This machine is low-maintenance, smooth and the compressor is nice and quiet.  We used it for the first time yesterday and it was like a dream come true.

We’re not sure if the Laurens area is ready yet for canine root canals and kitty orthodonture, but it sure will be great to be able to accomplish surgical extractions.  We expect to make a difference for the better in more patient’s lives.  So many pets suffer oral pain in silence.


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